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And yes, our client is hiring in the corona economy / COVID-19 economy. We recognize this is a stressful time for everyone, including you, and we want to try to make things as easy and transparent as possible. During this time we are keeping regular, open, and honest communication with our clients, getting answers to questions on their hiring process, offer process, and onboarding process. We are happy to share this information with you during informational conversations and answer any additional questions you have.

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Our Northern California InsurTech client has engaged Galecki Search Associates to find an actuary to lead its actuarial function. In this role, you will be setting the strategy and taking a hands-on approach to create new insurance products, manage pricing strategies and profitability, in addition to developing, managing, and growing the team.

Our client is a rapidly-scaling company in search of visionary leaders that aren’t afraid to dispense of tradition methods and build an actuarial function from scratch. Tired of legacy systems and thinking? Upend your career and do something exciting.


  • You will create frameworks and conduct thorough analyses for pricing and underwriting profitability reviews which will include robust, analytical, demonstration of knowledge in trends, competitive intelligence and risk management
  • You will have a strong understanding of the products and geographies you support which translates into managing the portfolio, design and rate filings in ways that maintain profitability and expand the current offerings
  • You will be up to date on regulatory requirements to ensure pricing guidelines and filings are in compliance
  • You will manage close relationships with your team and actuarial vendors, providing regular guidance and inspiration
  • You have the tact to work well with others in different departments, for example: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Compliance, Technology, Operations teams
  • You believe in using the best modeling and data science techniques influenced by data both internally and externally, to support underwriting and pricing in the filing process
  • You will always have process efficiency top of mind, leveraging technology that supports scalability in a lean environment
  • You will delight stakeholders with your ability to cast a vision for an actuarial organization that runs circles around incumbents and then executes on that vision


Qualified candidates should have at least 10 years of experience in the insurance field in an actuarial capacity, demonstrated people management and leadership skills, detailed understanding of pricing and trends, project management and problem solving experience, proficiency in languages like R, SAS, STATA, Homeowners experiences is a plus. Most importantly, you need to be excited to effect real change in the insurance industry.

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