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And yes, our client is hiring in the corona economy / COVID-19 economy. We recognize this is a stressful time for everyone, including you, and we want to try to make things as easy and transparent as possible. During this time we are keeping regular, open, and honest communication with our clients, getting answers to questions on their hiring process, offer process, and onboarding process. We are happy to share this information with you during informational conversations and answer any additional questions you have.

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Our Midwest client seeks a Director of Claims Analytics to build and lead a first-class Analytics team that will take deep dives into workers compensation claims data. Your strong project management skills will help you oversee and drive multiple analytical projects to successful completion, with focus on areas such as claims development and claims models. You will serve as the expert for claims trends as well.



  • You will assess and select the appropriate methods and tools to build state of the art transformative claims models to increase profitability, yield, and growth
  • You will establish strong partnership with adjacent groups in the organization to present a united front of expertise
  • You will always be on the hunt for the next best way to approach data acquisition, mining and interpretation
  • You will stay abreast of the latest trends in the workers compensation world and routinely read WCRI briefings
  • You will have a strong relationship with the internal reserving and claims teams and pair that with your knowledge of analytics and experience in frameworks in order to select the appropriate techniques to leverage in your team’s work
  • Your recommendations are practical but are the result of intellectual curiosity and striving for excellence
  • You keep a pulse on your recommendations through strong reporting and automated dashboards
  • You are a strong relationship builder and talent developer


While not required, the preferred background is an actuarial background. You have at least six (6) years of experience in actuarial, analytics, statistical modeling, claims, and applying data base queries, with most your experience from being in an insurance environment. You are a comfortable and effective as a leader of a small team. Your technical skills are strong in programming, data query tools, and statistical software languages/packages (examples: SQL, R, Python, DataRobot, Tableau, Mathematica, H2O, Spark, and Cloud Computing Environments). You combine all of these skills to influence senior leaders and drive strategic direction.

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